Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Knives

I've been a busy little beaver in the shop lately. That is if beavers had well supplied shops and made knives... hmm... there's a picture.
Anyway. I have three knives in the works and finished two more today. I need to run to the hardware store tomorrow and get a metal cutoff wheel. It's hard to cut nickel silver with a hacksaw!
Here are the two I finished today.
The Fox

Bloodwood and Wenge on a Pakistani Damascus blade.

The Lion

Mexican Bocote on another Pakistani blade.
The Pakistani Damascus is not as good as the stuff made here in the US. Mainly because of the steels they use for their blades. I'm going to give one of these to a friend of mine to use and abuse a bit to see how well they hold up. The other I'll try to sell. I don't usually work with wood on blades, but these two are starting to change my mind a bit. They came out really nice!
Bocote is pronounced boh-KOH-tay inn case you were wondering (as I was).
Many thanks go to the Wife for giving me time to play around in the shop.

More Later

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