Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Surprise Adventure

We had a rare day off together, and the Wife planned a surprise adventure for our little family. At 10 am we headed out, I driving, but without knowledge of where we were going. After a bit over an hour, we arrived here..

The Childrens Museum in the Twin Cities! They were having a Clifford the Big Red Dog exhibit, which thrilled the Boyo. It's a really neat museum. Lot's of hands on stuff, things to explore, and programs throughout the day geared towards kids. The Boyo even got to touch a live milk snake! He was a little nervous at first, but warmed up to the cold blooded critter pretty quick.

There was an outdoor exhibit featuring a little stream with paint brushes for "painting" on the rocks with the water. Nearby they had a watercolor station where kids were painting with color. The Boyo, not one for modesty, walked in and announced that he was "a wonderful painter who would paint great things!" He is quite confident.

He was awesome for the day, sharing with other kids, waiting his turn, encouraging other kids to try stuff. It was neat to watch. Sweet Pea was a little little for most of it, but had a fun time grabbing at things and watching the crowds and generally being cute.

The Wife took us to a nearby Italian place for lunch, some of the best Italian that I've had since Rome! They even had gelato, though we were so full after the lasagna, pizza, mostaccioli and canoli's that we didn't have room for any.

A fun time was had by all though, and it was an excellent adventure.

More Later

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Sharon said...

Sounds like a wonderful adventure! How about some pics?