Thursday, July 30, 2009


So in ancient days, a masterpiece was made by an apprentice. After studying his/her craft for a time, and practicing and practicing and practicing some more, the apprentice would produce a piece to submit to his mentors to determine if he/she was ready to become a master.

I tell you that to tell you this. Tonight, after a weeks worth of work on this single knife, I would gladly submit it to a master to have them tell me if I were ready to become one myself. I don't want to brag... ok, yes I do... so here goes.

Observe... The Seki II

The bolsters and butt (yes, the rear end of a knife is called the butt on a full tang knife like this. Quit your giggling.) are made of German Silver. Hidden pins hold the bolsters on, so you could throw this against a wall and those suckers would stay attached. Mammoth tooth in between held in place perfectly by flawless custom pins. All sanded and polished to a very high gloss. File work on the spine of the knife to compliment the blade. It is the best knife I have made.
My masterpiece.

Also tonight I finished this one.

Called the Redwood, it's a camp knife (suitable for all your camp cooking needs!) with copper bolsters held in place with a custom pin, and indigo diamondwood scales (handle). Inexpensive but fun to make.

Man I love making knives. The Redwood is knife number 24 that I have made.
Two 12 hour shifts coming up starting tomorrow. I'd better get some sleep.
More Later

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Sharon said...

Your 'masterpiece' is indeed that! What a beauty! I like the other one too... it is very different from your others. I'm so glad you enjoy this latest venture so much... hope it becomes financially possible to continue! Good luck!