Monday, August 31, 2009

Backyard Camping

The guy building our wall is awesome! I mentioned to him today that we were planning on making a level spot in the hill above the wall and maybe putting in a couple of short walls and a fire pit. So today he cleared all of the brush piles we had created after our war on the Buckthorn, then took his bobcat up on the hill and brought the two huge logs down. Then he dug a huge level area up there! He has gone far, far above and beyond just doing the wall.

So tonight we had an impromptu campfire complete with s'mores and milk. A great time was had by all! The Boyo had a ball roasting marshmallows and learned that the "perfect" roasting stick is considerably longer than his arm!

I'm so looking forward to campfires and camping out in our "new" back yard!

More Later

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Sharon said...

Lots of fun times await you and yours on your 'mini-island'... ENJOY!