Monday, August 24, 2009

Baptized in the Water

We finally had the Sweet Pea's name written in the Book of Life. We travelled to Chicago Saturday morning, after a 12 hour shift for me, and met my folks, the Wife's folks, the Godparents (my bro and the Wife's older sis) and their families. The main event was hosted by the same pastor who married the Wife and I, and who baptized the Boyo five years ago. He's an amazing man, and a dear friend we don't see nearly enough.

Sweet Pea wore the same gown her mama did some years ago, and a bracelet also worn by her mom back then. She looked adorable, and stayed pretty charming throughout the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we were all headed to a local restaurant for lunch. We were running a bit behind what with pictures and all, and my little family was the last out of the church, along with the folks of the Wife. As I approached the car, I noticed a box sitting by the driver door. I thought perhaps that my in-laws had set a box there for me. Upon closer inspection however, I found three baby kittens, no more than a week or so old.

We took them back into the Church, where the Good Pastor took them in and told us he'd find a place for them. Then we were off to the food!

It was delicious, the company was great, and the Sweet Pea and I burned out at about the same time! So the two of us went for a short drive. She fell asleep, so I parked back in the lot and slept myself until everyone was done.

It was an awesome weekend. And yet another reminder of just how much I love my kiddos, my wife, and my family!

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Sharon said...

It was indeed an awesome day. 'Sweet Pea' was adorable and was thoroughly charming... bringing the pastor near tears as she gave him a big hug and cuddle. Good people... good food... good times! Thanks!