Sunday, August 30, 2009

You're Lucky You Are Reading This


It could have been a long, long time until I wrote again. Today we (the Wife and I) continued the "clear-the-back-hill" project that we began yesterday. A branch clipper and a machete were our weapons of choice. Our enemy - the dreaded buckthorn - had two seasons to grow unchecked, and was very hesitant to give up the land it conquered.

However, thanks to our persistence and a little assist from Toro, the hill is now pretty clean!

Take a look!

Oh yeah, and the wall is turning out about three kinds of AWESOME! Those two guys are real artists. They make our hill clearing look like small potatoes.

Tonight we had some friends over to show off the newly shorn hill. As we were sitting around the table, the kiddos were playing happily. At one point one of our friends pointed out that Sweet Pea was very busy at the computer. Turns out she was having a jolly time removing the keys from the keyboard!

44 keys and some time later, the kiddos are asleep, the keyboard is back together, and the Wife and I are watching a little M*A*S*H and having a celebratory s'more.

Our muscles will be protesting tomorrow. But we are slowly but surely reclaiming our back yard!

More Later


Sharon said...

WOW! It looks AWESOME! Can't wait to see it 'up close and personal' ... but it may be a while... our basement flooded on Saturday... Not deep... only about an inch, but we have to re-do the family room floor and are trying to get all the stinky, soaked stuff OUT.
I can just 'see' Sweet Pea happily dismantling your computer! Maybe she'll be a computer tech!

Julie said...

I am very happy to see that you are able to send messages now that do not look like they are from another world..