Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Best Laid Plans...

The plan was simple...

Head down to the parents house, spend a few days refinishing their deck, come home, repack, then finally, FINALLY, spend a few days introducing the kiddos to The Island. Our sanctuary in Wisconsin. About a dozen miles from the nearest town. No sounds but those that come from nature. No lights but starlight and aurora borealis. No smells but pine and birch and wildflowers. Oh, it was going to be grand. Our first vacation in three years.

Of course, the weather had other plans. In case you don't know, you need a few days of good weather to strip and stain a deck. The forecast called for just such weather. But the clouds didn't get the memo. And the deck was in a little rougher shape than first imagined. Long and short... the vacation we so desired melted away into stripping and sanding and cleaning and staining.

On the up side, we did get to spend some good time with my folks, and their grand kids had a ball! And at the end of it all, family is what is most important.

We'll get up to the Island one of these days. And it will be great. For now though, we have wonderful memories (and even some pictures) of a week spent with my parentals. So thanks you two for a fun week!

More Later

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