Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Black Death...

...has hit my tomatos!

I'm pretty sure it's actually called blight, and is caused by a fungus that likes to grow during cooler, wetter seasons, such as the one we just had. It has decimated my tomatos, as seen here. It makes the leaves and stem die out and the tomatoes rot quickly. Grr.

I've stopped going into my garden at all (hence the weeds) to try to stop the spread of the fungus to my peppers. I will need to head in to harvest peppers and beans in the next week or two. Then I'll chop out the blighty tomatos, and burn them down in the washout area near my house. The tomatillos seem to be immune to the disease, so I'll at least get some tomatillo salsa from those. But no good tomatos.

It would have been such a nice, big harvest too.

But at least the beans are doing well! The peppers might be ok too. So there may be some pepper jelly and bean soup for the winter!

More Later

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Sharon said...

Oh John... I am so sorry! It makes me just SICK to see the pictures of your wonderful tomato crop so affected... so many beautiful, big tomatoes! It would have been such a bountiful harvest! I do hope your peppers will be okay... I am really ready for more pepper jelly (mine is not all gone yet, but I am hoarding!) Good Luck!