Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Peppers and Beans


Although the dreaded blight ate all of my tomato harvest, it didn't spread to the peppers! Unfortunately, while I was staying away from the garden so as not to spread the blight, the insects and other critters made no such promise. So about half of the pepper crop was munched on by slugs, borers and other pests.

No worries though, I still got enough peppers for some serious pepper jelly. Take a look.

Purple Beauties did great, but they took the main hit from the pests. I lost about two thirds of those.

The reds are mostly Buran (the normal looking red ones) and Chervena Chushka (the tongue looking ones). The Jalapenos did great again, of course. And I did get some good Anchos and even a couple Hot Portugals (the skinny red ones).

The upshot is I'll have at least a good 30-40 jars of pepper jelly in a few days.

The beans went pretty good too!

This picture is from just after the first harvest. The Boyo and I picked a bunch more tonight, so we've got a little over twice as much as this picture shows. Dad's Climbing Pinto's and Cherokee Trail of Tears did the best, but that isn't surprising. There's still a ton of beans left out there, but we're expecting a frost tonight, so I wanted to get as many as I could before that. If it doesn't frost over too bad, we'll be able to get even more beans in the next few days.

Fortunately we are located in a little bowl of a valley, and even when the rest of the town gets frost, it takes a pretty thick layer to get to my garden!
Keep your fingers crossed for a warm-ish night!
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Anonymous said...

How do we get in on some of that jelly?

Lots of love from California!

Sharon said...

Your peppers are BEAUTIFUL!! I can almost taste the jelly! ... and I WILL be hoping you escape the hard frost for awhile yet. Good Luck!