Thursday, September 3, 2009

What a Day!

Perhaps today should have been my birthday.

It started with sleeping in, provided by my wonderful wife. Then after a quick milk run, I got a couple hours to play in the shop.

Then, thanks to the beauty of Time Trader, the Wife had set up a lesson for us to learn how to make CHEESE! Not just any cheese either, but fresh mozzarella! And for those of you who've been there (and you know who you are) it tastes a lot like the good old buffala from Bella Roma! Our Caprese is now entirely home grown and made. And it tastes SO good!
We mixed and cooked,

then separated,

then squeezed and stretched.

Then ATE! (No cheese left for a picture)
We are quite excited to try more cheeses. Maybe some string cheese, Ricotta cheese, maybe even some cheddar!

Then I made a run to the Cities to pick up a Red Tail Hawk that was ready for release. It had been hit by a car and shot, but managed to make a remarkable recovery! I took it back to the area it was found, met the nice folks who found it, and opened his box. He gave me a fierce look, and startled everybody by leaping from the box and literally flying off into the sunset.

The Kiddos are now happily asleep, the Wife and I are watching some M*A*S*H, and it's a beautiful, warm late summer evening. A really nice day.
All told, great fun was had by all!
More Later

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Sharon said...

What a wonderful day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!