Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Like Brother, Like Brother

I was just reading my brother's wife's blog over here. Amazing similarities between the thought process of we two siblings! Not that the apple (or nut, as the case may be) falls far from the tree.

I remember fondly the conversations with my father about making access to The Island easier. It started off with a simple dock at the landing, but by the end of the conversation we had discussed helipads, chair lifts like at Disney or Adventureland, and even a glass tunnel through the lake with a moving sidewalk.

My dad and brother and I are dreamers, no doubt about it. Always with ideas and plans. Most of them never happening, but every once and awhile one takes hold and gets done. River trip, gardens in the yard, retaining walls. And you should see the playground my bro built in his basement under the guise of physical therapy for his son! PT should ALWAYS look that fun! I am very hesitant to visit because I know that the Boyo will be demanding a playground of his own in our basement!

With the exception of the sunflower stalks and the balloon races (which we don't have here) I totally agree with all of Jason's ideas. In fact, I've mentioned all of those to the Wife at some point in our married life. Except instead of a recycling chute, I devised (but have yet to install) a kitchen composter that grinds the material, mixes it with a little water and shoots it to a main composter outside for processing. Other than that... Rooftop gardening, check. Lap pool and goats, check. Did I mention yet our retaining wall?

I love seeing such similarities in my brother and I. He's one of my best friends, and I wish we lived closer together. (Although proximity might make a difference in project accomplishment, which might just put our wives over the edge!)

So, a toast to my brother and his witty, enduring wife. May your sons grow to be the best of you both!

Now... JP, about that pontoon boat...

More Later


ssouth said...

Funny! I knew you two were alike but I didn't know your brains were wired so similarly. I'm pretty sure I've heard some dreams about the composter/disposal also while he was replacing our garbage disposal a few years back. But I stopped listening after, 'and then we'll dig a trench in the floor..'

Testing group said...

I was thinking fifty gallon drums, a couple pieces of plywood, some astroturf and and an outboard engine and ...vioala!

John said...

JP- just an FYI...

One gallon of "air space" will lift 6 lbs. So one 50 gal. drum will support about 300 lbs. Hope this helps!

Love you guys!

Sharon said...

Hey John... what about a medal for me too?! I've dealt with these 'dreams' and 'wild ideas' for much, much longer than Karen and Jenny... in fact, I think I might just deserve3 or 4!!!