Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I am Not Fond of 2011 - A Rant

2011.  Thus far I must present to you my middle finger.  I had such high hopes when you first began.  But then came the diverticulitis.  Abominable abdominal pain like I've never had.  My first hospitalization and all the fun that goes with that.  A giant suck in the first month.  OK, I thought, Worst part of the year is over.

But then came nearly two solid months of various illnesses, and at one point all four of us on antibiotics.  That was a new and wholly unappreciated smack in the face.  And just as we seemed to be recovering from that, you throw Dad's massive heart attack our way.  A new and crappy worst part of the year.  The very next day after that is our scare with Sweet Pea finding some of Grammy's meds, another ER visit, another hospitalization, and I can't even function because of the overwhelming emotional drain that has already occurred.

Dad lived, and Sweet Pea recovered.  Surely, I thought, we've had our fill of crapola for a while.  But no.  Still in the first quarter of this year, and my little Sweet Pea has a reaction to the meds she gets for yet ANOTHER ear infection, and will now spend several days with skin that looks worse than this from head to toe...

(not her skin, I got this from a medical website, hers has purplish blotches inside the blotches)
She is more hive than skin right now, and itchy over every inch, and feeling too miserable to sleep more than an hour or so at a time.  And you know, it's not the sleep deprivation that I mind in this, it's the fact that I can't do a damn thing to alleviate her suffering without overdosing her on antihistamines and anti-itch creams.  One of the most intolerable and gut wrenching things in existance is having to watch your child suffer.  I do not care for this.

And frankly, 2011.  You'd better lay off now.  For I am tired of this crap. And my middle finger is tired of being flown in your general direction.  We've got three quarters of a year yet to spend together, so you'd better shape up and start bringing some better memory making activities.   You have been warned.

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Sharon said...

My dearest John ... I, too, suffer along with you. You are right... There is nothing worse than watching loved ones suffer. But God is good. Dad DID live. A true miracle! Your precious Sweet Pea recovered from her "Grammy's pill testing" as she will her terrible case of hives. Your family is together and loving each other as are those of your siblings...and I could go on and on. I have been counting my blessings A LOT lately and have decided 2011 is a very good year. CHIN UP,