Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday's Sandwich Test

So I started a blog called Seven Days recently, and challenged myself and others to come up with seven day ideas to fill the blog... sort of week long photo essays.  Check it out HERE for more details.

Below is a test entry of sorts... My first project is seven days of sandwiches.  I started with this one, and was looking for some feedback on it. What would you like to see in a photo essay about sandwiches?  Is it too long?  Too much or too little information?  Remember there will be six other sandwiches in the mix.  Let me know what you think!  And - thanks.

"Today I wanted something filling, but not too heavy. The Wife suggested a Chicken sandwich of some sort, and I was thinking maybe a BLT. So we combined our ideas and came up with this...

Lime Grilled Chicken BLT on a multigrain Cibatta roll with Guacamole spread.

After my father had his heart attack, our whole family changed eating habits a bit. So in gathering the fixins' for this sandwich, I chose low sodium turkey bacon and low sodium Provolone cheese.

 I also used pre-grilled chicken, because we don't have a grill yet. When we do get our grill, I'm going to make this again and marinade the chicken in a lemon/lime and garlic mixture overnight before I pound them flat and grill them. Fresh chicken breasts will have less sodium than the frozen as well. Another bonus.

This sandwich as prepared scored just above 700 mg of sodium. Mostly from the frozen chicken, and surprisingly, the cibatta. Replace the frozen chicken with fresh, and the sodium drops to just under 500mg. Calorie-wise, it came in at 450 Calories! Low enough for calorie counters to enjoy and not feel like they were starving afterwards!

As for taste, in this configuration it was rather refreshing. I squeezed the lime on the chicken while it cooked which gave it a cleansing tanginess.  The guacamole has avacado, lime and garlic in it which really enhances the fresh flavor of the sandwich more than plain mayo would. I am certain that this sandwich would be even more phenomenal with smoked maple pork bacon instead of the turkey bacon, but for a little healthier alternative the turkey wasn't bad!

The best part was that it did not sit heavy in my gut after the meal. I felt like after an hour or so, I could go for a swim or bike or run without fear of seeing the meal again. But it was filling and kept me satisfied until supper!  An excellent choice for a quick, satisfying sandwich that won't make you feel bloaty afterwards."

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