Friday, March 12, 2010


Today I completed my 50th knife! I have built 50 knives. I haven't built 50 of anything before, so I am quite excited by this. Also, since it was my 50th knife, I decided to make the whole thing myself, blade and all! And, since I was limited with my materials, I decided to try a folding knife.

This may have been a mistake. I now see why guys who make folders charge so much for them! It took me MUCH longer than any other knife I've made before! And I think it's a little big in the handle or a little small in the blade. It's not much of a "pocket" knife. But will be great as a belt knife once I get a little sheath made for it. And I an getting better at sharpening. I used this one already whittle a stick into a sharp point!

I'm sure after I hit 500 knives, this one won't be very impressive. But you know what? I'm sorta a little proud of it anyway. My first folding knife from scratch. My 50th knife built. this just gets more and more fun! Here it is... #50...

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Terry said...

John it is beautiful, It looks like the perfect carving knife for the Island. Is it a lockback? What a skilled craftsman you have become. Congratulations on No. 50. Oh, by the way the knives are much sharper when you put on your protective glove and try to carve with them. I don't think they'll need much, if any honing. Love you bud. Dad

Terry said...
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John said...

Ahh, Island carving! Sounds good to me! It is indeed a lockback. I'm just not sold on the liner lock kind. I keep seeing people in the ER that have caught a thumb or a finger in them while closing. I'm glad your knives are working! Let me know how they do!

Love you

Sharon said...

It is GORGEOUS, John! Congratulations on #50!