Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Woodcarving Knives

Well, Dad got these in the mail today...

They are the very first knives made completely by me! I finished them on Saturday and Sunday respectively, but wanted Dad to get them in the mail as a surprise and posting them here might have ruined that fun! I only wish I could have watched him open them! I ground the blades out of 440C stainless steel, and heat treated them with a propane torch. Not sure just how hard they are, but it was a fun experiment! I've asked Dad to pick one for Julio and for them to have their new friends at the woodcarvers club to sharpen them up. I got them sharp, but they need to be razor sharp for carving wood! Yet another skill for me to learn and get good at. Handle material is maple burl that was professionally stabilized. More like Corian than wood, and should last a good long time. Plus it looks spectacular!

My Boyo is reading along with me as I type. I am amazed at just how well his reading has become since last summer. He could identify letters well, and do some letter sounds. And I was really pleased with that. Now he's reading everything and anything, and reading this as fast as I can type it! It is a little like having voice recognition for typos though... as when he mispronounces a word, it's usually because I've hit the wrong key!

Anyway, happy carving to the guys down south. Anybody out there want a knife like this, let me know. I'm going to practice on a bunch more till I get it perfect. And the practice ones should be pretty nice as it is!

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Sharon said...

I wish you could have seen Dad's face when he opened these! He was AMAZED and struck speechless! Well... maybe not speechless...maybe I mean REALLY REALLY IMPRESSED!! "Oh wow... oh man... awesome...these are BEAUTIFUL... How could he have done them so quickly?" etc. etc. etc. Truly amazing, John!