Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Taxes and Life

Had a meeting with our tax prep person today. Lots of fun! Loads! She's a very nice gal, and knows her stuff, for which I am very thankful.

I think if the Wife didn't have so much on her plate she would probably do all of that herself. But with our working in two states, and being in a LLC, and running a business, the maze of paperwork and regulations are stunningly confusing. As the Wife is busy working three jobs already (nurse, wife, mother) and I am mathematically challenged, and doubly so when it comes to the IRS, it is good to have someone in our corner that we just have to hand in our numbers and have them crunched for us.

In other news, our children are growing up far too fast. We were watching Hogan's Heroes tonight with the Boyo. It's a pretty benign comedy for the most part, and he usually stays interested for a few minutes before deciding that playing with legos or tinker toys or his sister is more interesting. Tonight though, Hogan left Klink's office and the Boyo said,

"Hey! He didn't say 'Heil Hitler'!" He has observed that that phrase is said at the end of all of the conversations between the Germans on the show.

Thus started an impromptu history lesson on Nazi germany and the second world war. Trying to describe Hitler as a bad man without going into detail, and why Hogan would not say that particular phrase. Trying to describe just what a war is, and that although HH is a comedy, war in general is very much not. At one point I explained that anyone who disagreed with Hitler would be sent of to jail or hurt or worse. To which the Boyo responded,

"Yes, but then you would just go and fix them, because you are a Paramedic and that's what you do!"

He said it with such finality that I simply agreed and finished the lesson. He'll get plenty of sucky reality as he grows up. No use in trying to explain that now. Besides, if he believes in a world with simple terms and solutions like that... well, for now, I'm just fine with that. He's growing up fast, and there is no stopping it. I just hope he gets to be a kid for as long as he can.

More Later

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