Sunday, March 7, 2010

Eight is Enough!

Mom and Dad came for a visit this week! But it was unlike any other visit. Dad and I spent all day Wednesday out in the shop (or going to the store to get things that we needed out in the shop) and built some wood carving knives for him and for my brother in law, Julio. Mom spent the day in with the kiddos, and I think had a pretty good time watching their antics, which I call The Worlds Greatest and Longest Floor Show.

Anyway, here's what a day of dedicated work in the shop produced...

Dad's set

Julio's set

Dad and Julio are taking a woodcarving class, so these were made for class. Dad did most of the work on his set, and a lot of it on Julio's. I think he should come up more often to build things in the shop! Next time though, maybe just a knife or two, or some other project. Eight knives in one day is a whole bucket load of work!

I think Dad now knows why I like putting knives together so much. Although it is sort of hard work, it is extremely fun watching these knives come out of a pile of parts.

So - Happy carving fellas!

In other news, something really fun happened yesterday and today. I did something that I've been wanting to do for quite some time now. I'll post about it on Wednesday or maybe Thursday. So stay tuned!

More Later

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Julio's Wife said...

Dad & Julio were both MEGA excited about their knives! I don't think Julio slept a wink b/c he was too excited about the knives - then when he got the completely-made-by-you one in the mail, it was another sleeples night. So thank you on their behalf - I had to persuade Julio not to call when you might be sleeping, as that might be unwelcome thanks :)