Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Floor Show

Living with my little ones is pretty amazing. Watching development and growth. Seeing how they are so much like their mom or me, and somehow so very, very different. It's entertainment from wake up to bedtime. Sometimes drama, sometimes mystery, lots and lots of comedy.

Today the Boyo showed me a picture that he had drawn of two houses side by side. There was a driveway coming from 'our' house, he explained. And our family was standing inside the borders of that house.

There was another figure in the driveway itself.

"That other house is God's house." He told me. And that's God in the driveway, and he's building it. Because God is really good at building things."

Later in the evening, during songtime before bed, I was playing one of the kiddos favorites - The Dance Song - and watching the two of them boogie. Sweet Pea does whatever the Boyo does, and it is a very amusing show!

As for Sweet Pea, she has become a bit of a chocoholic. No thanks to her Daddy, who has a fondness for chocolate milk. So now, when her sippy cup is full of milk. She will bring it over, set it on my knee, make the signs for "more please" and say in a firm tone, " Dokat Dahee!" (Daw-cat Dah-ee)

It took once or twice, but I know know that the combo of signs and sounds means thus...

"Father, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, I really would rather prefer a bit of chocolate sugar stirred into this rather bland cup of milk you have provided for my consumption. If you do not see fit to comply, I will be forced to raise said cup and smack you about the knees and head until you have received the message clearly. Thank you for your cooperation."

For the record, she doesn't get dokat every time she demands it. But if I imbibe, I think it's only fair to share!

Oh yes, chocolate sugar is what the Boyo calls Nestle Quick. He's quite the creative kid.

Bedtime now, I'm tired out after two night shifts!

More Later

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Sharon said...

Love it when you share snippets of the kiddos! "Chocolate sugar"... how perfect!