Friday, October 17, 2008


Life continues on. Dinner with good friends tonight at the local Mongolian Grill. Tasty.

Autumn is here and the trees are beautiful! In the corner of my garden, which really needs to be tilled under soon in preparation for next season, I have some plants racing to beat the snows. They are all volunteer and include corn, beans, tomato and tomatillo.
Bean Blossom

We've already had a frost, not too hard, but enough to blacken the pitiful tomato plants I did plant this year. Which were ravaged by all sorts of critters, resulting in a gross harvest of 0.

There's always next season. (That's the motto of my Cubbies as well.)

The Boyo and I are going to play in the leaves if it's nice tomorrow. No raking right away, as he likes to sort through and find the good leaves.

More Later

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