Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On Politics and Punkins

It's hard not to talk about politics these days, especially with the last debate happening tomorrow night. So I will try to be brief. I know there are those in my family that disagree with my views. But I don't judge them on their politics, as for the other 99% of our lives the politics don't really matter.

I did want to bring up one more thing about Palin, who is the biggest reason I can't possibly support McCain.

Her ties to AIP and her hypocrisy about abortion really are telling about her character. She is sneaky and manipulative. Which would be great in like a 'secret agent' type gal. But not so much in a VP or (shudder) President. I wish those that support her blindly because she's "folksy" and "one of us average Americans" would do some research into her, and see just how dangerous she is for American Politics.

OK, enough of that. The Wife and I are voting early, as I've stated previously. I'm perfectly willing to give Obama the keys and see what he can do with the government. It can't be worse than the last eight years.

In other events around our little section of the world, the Boyo is learning about boundaries and consequences. He's pushing the former and then experiencing the latter! Sometimes he's downright belligerent and such. He knows he's headed for a Time Out. Occasionally he'll do something not so good, but kinda funny. And it's hard not to giggle while we put him in Time Out. He is exceedingly clever though, and comes up with new buttons to push almost every day.

On the flip side, he loves his little sister dearly. It is really fun to watch him comfort her when she fusses, and he's always ready to help out with her. Changing diapers, carrying her from Mommy to Daddy or visa versa, checking on her when she's asleep. He is just so very good with her.

Sweet Pea continues to grow and I absolutely live for a smile from her. Think she's got her Daddy wrapped around her little finger?

More Later

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