Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Dangers of Politics

At Work...

Yes, I made the mistake of answering the question of "So who are you voting for?" asked by a co-worker. In a room of republicans. And one democrat who buried her head in the computer and would not respond.

I was accused of being a left wing liberal. Hee hee! Just because I didn't agree with most of McCain's campaign pledges. And when I said there were also a few things I didn't agree with Obama on, I was pretty much ignored. One nurse asked how I could agree that nationalized health care is a bad idea and still vote for Obama. As if that were the only issue we were voting on. It's very simple really. I vote with the candidate who I most agree with. This round it's Obama. As I've said before, I could have gone with McCain except for three major flaws in his campaign.

1) He has been erratic in his decisions. The campaign message changed, what, half a dozen times? Not to mention the dozen or so plans to 'rescue the economy' last week. Pick something and stick with it.

2) His choice of Sarah Palin as VP. With so many other great options, he went with her. Most of my family has more foreign policy experience, and she has proven herself less than credible as a politician on a national scale. Hmm. Maybe picking something and sticking with it isn't such a good idea.

3) The devolution of the campaign from issues to slander. Very junior high style work.

These three things make me question his ability to be Presidential on the world stage, which has to be a big part of the next President to help this country regain some respect from the international community. They also make me question his integrity, and his leadership style.

Of course, the same nurse who grilled me on health care also thinks Obama is a terrorist, a Muslim, and has a deep dark agenda to turn the country into Black America. She's a good nurse, but a bigot and a bit of a nut job!

And while I do lean left, I also research the candidates pretty well, and choose based on my own views and beliefs. Not just the party line. But I suppose I can't just be independent. I got the same treatment at the Democratic caucus in town when I voted against an amendment to the platform supporting universal health care. I asked how it would be paid for and got pretty well shouted down. I'm also pretty sure that's what shot me in the foot for getting to the next level of conventioning.

The Wife is right. I wouldn't make a very good politician. I don't do BS well, and I'm not afraid of a difference of opinions.

A far more amusing conversation happened much later as one of the lab techs, our reg rep and another medic and I were discussing movie sequels. Our lab tech wants to see the latest Indiana Jones movie, and the other medic said there might be another sequel in the works. Then the jokes started flying about much older action hero's. Indy in a wheelchair. Rocky getting opponents from nursing homes. Rambo heading into the jungle with a bow, explosive arrows, a walker and his AARP card. We were laughing pretty hard.

Ah, life in the ED. Just don't talk politics!

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Testing group said...

ON the Movie theme, I think a Re-make of Air force One would be a great idea. Just think, the president is an Ex- Airforce Pilot, and when his plane is Hijacked the Female Vice President has to make some tough decisions, as the pres. fights the bad guys on the plane. Can you guess who I'd cast? (There's got to be an SNL skit in their somewhere.