Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shaffer South

My Sister in Law has a blog over at It is usually an update on the kids and their life down near St. Louis, MO. Her last posting was a bit more in depth to who she is though, and an awesome one at that.

I know that she and I disagree on many things. But we agree on many things as well. We both love my brother - in different ways of course. We both believe that we should all be "voting with [our] own well-formed conscience and well-informed mind". And even though there will be disagreement, our opinions should still be respected.

At the end of her post she writes, "I don't think I'm so arrogant as to think that life should be the way I wish."

Which got me to thinking. How many times have I thought, and sometimes out loud, that life would be so much easier if we all just believed the same things. Of course, the other speakers in my head chime in how boring the world would be and such. But I do wish that there could be respect in disagreement. Compromise in the extremes. A middle ground where, though not perfect, could at least be a way for us all to move forward in a positive way.

And, of course, I am arrogant enough to think that life should be like that!

I respect her most for her love of my brother and their kids, my nephews. It shines through in what she does, and they really are a good match.

So, well written posting, my sis-in-law. I'd like to believe there are more people out there like you and my bro, and me for that matter, who are one step out of what the media would have us believe is 'normal'. And Viva Bella Roma! And the growing and canning! And the random knowledge and gifts that make you unique.

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shaffersouth said...

Wow, my very own post! Thanks for all the kind words. And thanks for being such a great outta step brother-in-law.