Sunday, March 8, 2009


Today we were installed at our church. Which means we are now members to those who may not be too church lingo savvy.

When told we were going to be installed today, I had an overwhelming urge to tell them that I wanted to be a light fixture near the stained glass, perhaps shining through it. Or better yet maybe just some software on their computers. Then I could surf the web on my off days.

Installation went fine, we all looked great. The Sweet Pea danced and sang along during the hymns. The Boyo went to Sunday school for the first half of the service and joined us after the sermon for the installation.

After the service, many nice people welcomed us and congratulated us, which is a big reason we joined this church. The people are pretty nice.

Some time after he was born, the Boyo was baptised by an old friend of ours in a church near Chicago, making him a member there. Baptism for the Sweet Pea is coming up, so she isn't really a "member" anywhere, and the Wife and I have been members at a church in a small Iowa town since before we were married. We've been church shopping since we moved here. Now that we have joined this church, we are all in the same it were. Another first for our clan, being members of the same church!

Much to do today and tomorrow. Some of those projects I was talking about earlier.

More Later

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Sharon said...

Wish we could have been there.