Monday, March 23, 2009

My Dog Shoba

She died a year ago tomorrow. The ground was covered with snow then, overcast and blah day. Today there is no snow, but strong winds and rain. And no Shoba.

She was the kind of dog that needed very little. Little training, little food, little anything except a little attention now and then. She loved it when I rubbed her ears one at a time, then both together. Then she'd shake her head and set it in my lap for me to do again.

She would lie at my feet with her head on her paws, then yawn and stretch out and sleep. She was mellow and loving and gentle.

She was the best dog ever, and I miss her terribly.

More Later


Sharon said...

I miss her too. She was, indeed, a GREAT dog. How lucky you both were to have had each other.

Steph said...

I miss her too, Bro. Hold on to your hats - there's a lot of days of missing coming with the spring. Hang in there.

Love, Steph