Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Ah, Vacation! After two years without a real break, we finally managed to carve out a solid eight days just for ourselves!

So the plan... drive down to Florida to visit the wife's parents and grandmother. On the way we'll stop in St. Louis to visit my brother and hiss lovely family, then on through Memphis for some BBQ. Then a few days in FLA and warm weather and sunshine. On the way back we hit Chicago for the wife's sister and her kids. It would have been a fine trip.

This morning we were scheduled to depart around nine. I slept all night with the help of a diphenhydramine, ensuring I'd be good to drive all day, and the wife stayed up all night after getting back late late late from a four hour shift at work. She packed and cleaned and such. This morning we were packing in the last bag and getting ready to clean the last dirty plate of remnants of home made fried chicken. It was time to rouse the kids, load up and head out!

The Boyo had climbed into bed with me at some point last night, so I went in to get him. I could feel warmth coming from him before I even moved the covers. A hand on his head confirmed it. Fever. And a good one. He didn't want to do an oral temp, and our tympanic (ear) thermometer was out of battery, so we got an axillary temp (under the armpit)which read 101. That's usually a degree or two lower than his core, so we knew he was too warm.

Shivery and a little weepy, he agreed to a day of sitting on the couch and watching movies.

Ah, vacation. I watched it slip away today in a flurry of Pixar films and children's Tylenol. Maybe in a couple more years we'll be able to find time for another one.

More Later

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