Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Emergency Department Chatting

Unlike the very dramatic show 'ER', life around here is pretty mellow. Oh sure, we have our Drama, like anywhere. Office politics, drama between co-workers, that sort of thing. But mostly it's pretty fun.

Tonight the conversation flowed from weddings to rednecks. Gardening to child-rearing. Politics and Salsa. We talk about patients, of course, not just their medical problems, but our thoughts on what the person is like outside of the ED. Sometimes these chats are very interesting!

I do like a good majority of the folks I work with. There are a few, of course, I could do without. But for the most part I don't work with them much if at all. But 99% are really good people who are REALLY good at their jobs.

And I love some of the discussions we have!

Ah, life in the ER!

PS, voting ends at midnight tomorrow over at www.pictureadaychallenge.blogspot.com

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Kathryn Magendie said...

I see you have a link to "rainbow bridge" -- after my good old girl, Kayla, died (well, she was PTS on the table - cancer everywhere and we didn't even know it)...I googled "splenic cancer in dogs" and came across a site for owners of pet's who were grieving, and they talk about RB a lot - I'd never heard of it before then.