Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Power

So the wall this morning was gone! It was just a little shocking to wake up to, even though I did it myself! Today I was going to dig the trench below ground level to put the first couple of rows in, but I realized that all the dirt I had pulled off the wall raised the back yard about three feet. I was having a very tough time figuring out where 'ground level' was!

So I decided to just move the dirt to one side of the yard. Easier though than done. I started moving it with the excavator, but I soon realized I could spend two days picking up dirt and moving it across the yard one shovel at a time. So I ran inside and made a few calls. First to the aggregate place to check on my order. Lots of little rocks coming tomorrow morning around 7am!

Next I called the rental place. They just happened to have this...

sitting in the yard. So this afternoon, I learned a new machine! It made the clearing of the dirt sooo much faster. Of course, I had a little trouble finding a place for all of that dirt, so I built a mountain in the side yard. It is quite large.

After a few trips with dirt up this monster, I made the rule forbidding me to back down the hill. Turns out that when you go quickly backwards downhill in a skid loader and stop suddenly for some reason (like you can't see where you are going) the thing has a tendency to want to roll over! I didn't roll it, but I came awfully close. So no more going backwards down the hills!

The digging out went so well, that I had time to climb back on the excavator and dig the trench for the class 5 road aggregate... did I mention that the class 5 is coming tomorrow morning! I'm so excited!

So tomorrow I'm filling in the trench, using a motorized plate tamper to pack it all in (also delivered this afternoon) and moving all of the rocks back over closer to where the wall will be with the excavator. I think I have enough skill with it now to actually sort the rocks a little and put them right where I need them.
Then I'll spend the weekend stacking blocks!

My bro is right, it is more fun than any video game!

More pictures tomorrow, I worked into the night tonight finishing the trench!

More Later

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