Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Happy September.

For me, Autumn has begun. I categorize seasons a little differently than the ancient Celts/modern weather folks. Where they all seem to go by the solstice, I go by the feel of the wind. To me, Autumn starts today and runs through October and November. Winter is December, January and February. Spring starts for me on March 1st and goes through the end of May, and the Summer months are June, July and August.

The weather often follows this pattern where I live as well, so I can at least justify it that way. Trees are starting to change their colors, sumac are turning that beautiful vermilion shade, there is a smell in the wind that can only mean Fall. By December, it is most obviously Wintertime whether we wait for the 21st or not.

I don't get too sentimental about the changing of the seasons. A little melancholy perhaps, as the kiddos grow too quickly as do the pains and aches in my aging body. I enjoy each season in turn, and am learning to enjoy them more each passing year.

I thought I'd be pleased to see 2007 over, since that's when my Aunt died. She was the artist who I never did ask enough questions. I still mourn her passing. Now 2008 has seen the deaths of two of my favorite dogs ever, and I'm ready for it to be done too.

Not that some really fun things didn't happen this year. Sweet Pea joined us on the planet and has been entertaining us since. I've made some excellent friends at my job. And how 'bout them Cubs!?! OK, Cubs aside, it hasn't been all bad. So Fall is here, Winter is coming, and fun will be had for the rest of '08.

By the way, it's voting time over at . There's a link there somewhere to the Picasa photo albums. Just click on August Pictures, pick your favorite five, and send them (in order) to the web address listed over on the right about a dozen times...or three. I'd like very much to hear from all who read this blog, as I do believe that if you've been here for awhile you have discriminating taste in online entertainment. Or you are friend or family to me, and read just 'cause you like to humor me. Thanks either way.

OK, gotta run. Happy September everyone. Stay safe and happy.

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Sharon said...

You did it again... I have a feeling this picture of the windmill will be my favorite!