Saturday, September 27, 2008

Typical Post Three Night Entry

As usual after a three night shift, I spent most of yesterday asleep. I woke up to spend a few hours with The Wife and kiddos, which was wonderful, and even planned to stay awake with Sweet Pea so The Wife could get some sleep. That didn't work so well. I remember sitting on the couch with the Pea, snuggling up. I remember handing her over to The Wife and headinng down the hallway for the bed. Then I remember The Wife waking me up to drive her to work this morning. Uff da.

But the day has been delightful so far, playing with trains and stuff with the Boyo, watching Sweet Pea dance in her little jumperoo contraption. Later I'm going to take some pictures for my business site and watch last nights debates, which I missed entirely. Did McCain show up? Guess I'll find out!

More Later

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