Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Follow Up from Jeff

My friend Jeff wrote me back and said that the GOP did screw up when they finally got control of congress and the big house. He explained a few other things that make pretty good sense too.

I suppose what it comes down to, for each and every one of us, is the decision on who we think can best run the country for the next little bit.

In the long run, it may not really matter. The sun will come up, life will go on. Things will get better or they won't, and we'll all just keep doing the best we can.

I'd love a good political debate with a far lefter and a far righter, as I think I'm pretty much a centerist. But I'm growing tired of politics. My vote will go to Obama this November, as I like his plans and his style better than McCain. If he wins it, great. I'll support him and hope he can do what he says. If he does not, that's ok too. I'll give McCain support where I can and hope he can do some of the things he says he wants to do. If he only does a little Republican stuff like lower taxes, shrink the government and strengthen the military, that'll be fine. But if either of them go after my rights the way King George II has, I'm putting a fence around my property and seceding from the Union.

Until the election, I think I'm done blogging about the race, because

A) My mind is made up

B) I don't think I'll change anyone else's mind about their vote

C) Life is too short to worry about it.

Either way, it will be an historic win for somebody.

Thanks again to Jeff for explaining some things for me. Although I disagree with him on some stuff, I still respect him, his opinions, and his willingness to share.

More Later

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