Monday, September 29, 2008

The Rendezvous

The Wife had to work today, but the kiddos and I headed out to meet Mom and Dad and my sisters family for a little Rendezvous fun!

It was pretty neat seeing all of the period costumes and gear, and walking around to look at all the trader stuff. A good time was had by all, and we even ran into my Aunt and Uncle and one of their sons and daughter-in-law. It was very good to see them again!

The Boyo was enchanted by all of the neat stuff available, and (much like his father) had a hard time deciding on just a few things to take home to show Mommy.

The Boyo brought home a frog necklace from his Grammy, and a genuine white rabbit skin. (It was either that or a toy bow and arrow, and The Wife and I are against weapons for the four year old!)

I brought home a neat blue bottle with old fashioned root beer in it. I looked at knives, tomahawks, other blacksmithed things, and a great many other things. But I kept thinking that once I start blacksmithing again, I can make most of what I wanted.

Turns out, I probably would have thrived back in the 1800's. Ah well. We still had a good time.

More Later

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