Monday, September 8, 2008

Thoughts on Monday

Life is an enigma. It rushes by so slowly, is enjoyed and loathed. People otherwise healthy take their own lives while others stricken with incurable disease fight for every last day. Every last breath. While young one has little responsibility and lots of free time, but no money to do anything. While old one has money to do things but not the health. In between we struggle to accumulate money to live.

Politicians don't really seem to help much. Speeches and meetings and laws and such, and life goes on pretty much as it has for centuries.

I suppose it is all easier after we're dead, but that doesn't help much in the here and now.

I spent the day with the kiddos, watching them sponge up the world around and thinking about how different the world is now than when I was growing up.

The Boyo wants to learn boxing. We had a little spar, filed with many giggles and mostly wrestling. He's too young yet to really get the point of boxing. So I told him to keep working on paying attention, following instructions and being a good boy, as Boyo's who do that grow up to be the best boxers.

Much to the Wife's chagrin, I will be teaching my son and daughter how to defend themselves, using the skills I learned in the Marines. I'm hoping it will be tempered by their civility and morals that we impart on them as they grow, so we aren't raising bullies. It's the old Spider Man thing... with great power comes great responsibility. Before I teach them to fight though, they'll have to know how to use their brains first. Fighting, it will be GREATLY emphasized, is only a last resort. I learned that in Boot Camp too, surprisingly enough. They taught us to avoid it if possible, but if we had to fight make it quick, non-stop and lethal. The kiddos have quite a while until my mini boot camp.

So yeah, wondering what life holds for my children, my grandchildren, and so on. Hoping it gets better for them, and praying to not outlive my children.

More Later


sister steph said...

umm...did you mean praying to NOT outlive your children?

John said...

Yes, thank you! It has been fixed.