Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jobs, careers, or just getting by

Ever spend life wondering just what it is you are supposed to be when you grow up? I do that a lot. In real life I've held a multitude of jobs. A brief list of employers and jobs, in no particular order.

-Pizza Hut
-Zoey's Pizza
-Usher's Ferry
A pioneer village where I was among other things, the town blacksmith.
-Seed Saver Exchange
I was a seasonal laborer!
-United States Marine Corps
Field Artillery
-EKG tech at Mayo
-Volunteer EMT in Zumbrota
-Over the Road Truck Driver
-Cook at a Mexican restaurant
-custom entry carpet maker
-line worker at a factory

I'm sure I'm forgetting something. There are so many fun jobs out there that I still want to try. Photographer, craftsman, artist, astronaut, author. If I could get paid to simply experiment with jobs I would. I do love the job I have now, though stressful at times. It is still one of the most rewarding I've had.

How does one decide on a career and stay in it for years and years? Perhaps I'm just not programmed for that. Why is it that people feel trapped in their jobs? Especially in this country, where we have the freedom to succeed or fail based on our own merits. Slightly confusing.

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