Saturday, June 21, 2008

Welcome to my Personal Space?

So, I was just talking about this particular blog space with my friend Jen. She may be the only 'reader' outside my family once I leak the address.

It came up that although I am nearly certain that nobody reads this except me, that since it is in the 'blogoshpere', it is a public place.

My wife and I have agreed, long ago not to make public any pictures or names of our kids. This is due mainly to a great mistrust of the Internet and those creepy crawlers who may be out there to prey upon cute kids such as ours. Granted, it's about a one in a billion chance that some creep somewhere would ever come across our limited web offerings, see the kids, and be able to track them down. But, why risk it?

So I'll continue to use the very bland terms of 'my wife' and 'my son, daughter, or child' and leave their extremely cute visages up to your imagination.

I also wonder, out loud right here, who would want to read about my life? I truly believe that my life is absolutely me. But there are others out there who live very adventurous lives, meet amazing people, do incredible things.

I for the most part, just gripe about my lack of sleep and extoll the virtues of my myriad of hobbies.

Maybe it's time to go climb Everest or something.

More Later

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