Sunday, August 17, 2008


It's a funny thing, writing here and having it read by friends and family. The Wife has a friend at work who reads this before The Wife does, hilarity ensues. Except that when The Wife gets home, she sometimes has not heard what I have written about. Then it's not as hilarious. Still sort of funny though.

Anyway, tonight the friend at work heard that the friend who sent me the game with the bug attached was her husband. So a note to you J&G... no worries at all. The nice Indian man who was helping me said you probably had your security up, so it just moved right along to my somewhat undefended computer. (Not Indian from our tribe, by the by) But now our little family computer has it's own fortress. Spam killers, bug bombs, sentries 24/7. We're our own little virtual garrison.

So, I should also clarify that I am not quitting my job as a medic, just brainstorming about what else life might hold. Believe me, if I decide to do a radical career change, most of you will know it before you read it here.

So, to sum up... don't stress about the bugs, don't worry about my job, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy!

Here's a couple pictures from the Picture Walk I went on with the Boyo and Sweet Pea...

By the way J, of J&G. Join the Picture a Day Challenge. It will be fun! Surely there are other things around to shoot than your daughter. And get that neighbor guy with the program too! :)

More Later

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