Saturday, August 16, 2008

Learning Languages

So a few days ago I opened an e-mail from a friend of mine who had challenged me to an online game. Embedded in that game link were some vomputer ciruses that caused a great many weird pop ups to disrupt my online time.

It wasn't bad at first, and I tried a few things to get rid of them. But by yesterday, the only thing I could reach online was Google, and I could connect to nothing else. It was a bit frustrating.

So I called my security company and the nice man in India took control of my computer for a time and hunted down those bugs. Then he killed them dead. It was much more fun than watching a lion chase down gazelles on Animal Planet! He spoke with a thick Indian accent, and sometimes I had to ask him to repeat himself. But very quickly I picked up on the dialect and had no troubles understanding his instructions.

At one point near the end, Sweet Pea woke up hungry. I could hear her crying in her crib, but we were about two minutes from being done, so I didn't get up right away to get her. Here is a snippet of the conversation from there.

"OK sir," said the bug killer with a thick Indian accent. "Now we will check those files once more to be sure all of the bugs are dead."

"Great" I said.

"Now, please click yes to the box that I am now opening."

"OK, done."

"Thank you. Now please wait a moment while I clean out these files."

"Very well."

A slight pause, and then...

"OK now goh peek oop your bibi."

So I said.

"Ahhh...Wha? Peek on my what? What do I click on for that?"

"No sir." he said kindly. " Go. Pick. Up. Your. Baby. I can hear the crying."

So I apologized for being the worst parent ever, and grabbed the bottle, and headed for Sweets. She quieted down instantly when I picked her up, and by the time I got back to the computer, the amazing wizard on the other end had cleaned it all out for me.

Ah well,

Some pictures from tonight...

And Happy Birthday My Friend Jen!

More Later

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Anonymous said...

Thirty is everything I wanted it to be.

Thank you for the wishes. (Again.)