Thursday, August 14, 2008

Random Thoughts Today

Third night, all right!

Tonight (tomorrow morning) when I return to my domicile, I shall sleep for a few hours, then play with my kids! I've got the weekend off, though The Wife works both days.

Picture Walks are in order, me thinks. Much playing of cars, trucks, planes and trains. The Boyo has discovered puzzles, and is remarkably good at them. So we may do a few of those too!

Diaper changes. Smiles. Keeping busy. Lots of fun planned.

Tonight though, I focus on how to save lives. It's been a time since I've reviewed my ACLS stuff (Advanced Cardiac Life Support ) so I'm going to do a review, just in case. Fortunately if those skills feel rusty, it means nobody has needed me to do them in awhile! Unfortunately, I feel rusty!

As I often find in these self reviews, I am not nearly as rusty as I think... I just don't think on them all that often.

Taking pictures for the Picture a Day Challenge gets a little tough during these night shifts too. Between working, driving, and sleeping, there is not much time for just looking around and 'seeing' pictures. Fortunately I have that long drive to and from, and can sometimes find a shot or two in there. Like these turkey vultures in a tree near the hospital.

Or the clouds, which were lovely today after the storms moved through.

In any case, it's fun to be getting into the mindset of 'seeing' pictures. Keeps me a little more attentive to things around me. Keeps me awake on the drive home. And you already know that the medical pros believe that keeping your brain engaged will ward off the evil Altzheimers.

Thankful today for, of all things, a fully functioning urinary system. Sorry if today's thankfulness left you a little scarred.

More Later

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