Friday, August 1, 2008

Photographers Take Your Mark...GO!

The Great Picture a Day Challenge begins today! I'm so excited...I may vomit!

Or, I'll grab the ol' D60 and start shooting!

Here's a shot from yesterday driving home in the early, foggy morning....

Doesn't count for pic-a-day, but I sorta like it.

Also, in keeping with my goal to stay positive this month, here is what I'm thankful for today...

My sister was born on this day! I am so very glad she was. She is incredibly talented and smart, has a wonderful family and has lived an amazing life thus far. (though she may think otherwise) She believes her husband is too good for her, but she's wrong. They are perfectly suited for each other. He is a wonderful man, and a perfect compliment to her. you should see them dance!

My sis has always been one of my very best friends (though we had some rough times growing up, but who didn't in their tween and teen years?) She taught me to dance, but more importantly, taught me to be comfortable in my own skin, regardless of my shape. All these years later it is still paying off, as that lesson has helped me become who I am today.

I am thankful today for my sister on her birthday.

I am still waiting for her to officially accept the invitation for the pic-a-day challenge.

More Later


Sharon said...

I am overwhelmed by the tributes you and Stephanie have posted today. I am so proud of both of you for recognizing your awesome relationships. You two have been incredibly fortunate to have each other through the years and I know you will remain close forever.
Now... I have to go take some pictures!

sis said...

What a kind and undeserved post - thanks bro! The sentiment is mutual, by the way - including the spousal compatibility!

Happy ******* week!
Love you!

i am p. said...

i remember being in awe of your sister. she seemed so effortlessly cooool. like a bonafide badass. :)