Monday, August 18, 2008


The Wife had a job today. She helped organize a friends closet in exchange for before and after photos. They did an amazing job! I need to clear with the friend to post those here, but if I get permission I'll put them up.

I had the kiddos today and had a ball. We went on a Picture Drive today because it was too stinking humid and hot to walk around much. Found some neat places that otherwise we may not have.

Got to talk with an old friend today too. That was fun, but cut short when Sweet Pea had a massive diaper blowout. Leak proof my aunt sally. Anyway, kids are growing like weeds. Garden has gone to weeds. The Wife and I are good. How's life with you?

Boyo said another cute thing today. When we were getting ready for breakfast, his mommy was coming up the stairs and he said to her,

"Come on Mommy, it's time to eat. Would you like to come enjoy us?"

Apparently when we say 'come and join' he hears 'come enjoy'. He's at such a great age right now, and very creative.

Today I am thankful for my friends, near and far. Whether I talk with them once a week or once a year, they are all good people and true friends. I am thankful for their involvement in my development, and hopeful for their good health and happy futures. Love you guys.

More Later

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