Monday, August 11, 2008


Today I played electrician a little bit. The power cord for our trusty computer is frayed. (scared out of it's little mind) and I took it out to the shop, played with the soldering iron a bit, wrapped it all in way too much black electricians tape and plugged it in for a test run.

It still works!

First thing I did after the computer was all charged up again?

Bought a brand new power cord. As much as I trust my ability with all things electrical, I decided I'd be better off with a new, non-sparking one, and use the original as a back up.

Also, I got a new toy for my Nikon. It's the fantastically, futuristically named 'ML-L3 infrared remote'!

With this new and remarkably inexpensive piece of gear, I can now push the remote button once to open the shutter, and again to close it, thereby being able to completely control the time the shutter is open.

I took it out for test run tonight and got these shots...

The little streaky thing is an airplane that was passing.

And, for a reference to how dark it was while I was shooting, I give you this shot...

A ten second exposure of a star and the moon behind some clouds. It was DARK!

I'm really looking forward to going someplace with almost no light pollution (Island) and getting some star shots for the picture a day challenge!

I've got a few night shifts in a row coming up, with little by way of sleep, so I'm signing off for now.

More Later

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Sharon said...

Wow! Those are awesome! This opens up a "whole new world" for your photography. I am looking forward to seeing more resulting shots! Have fun!