Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lazy Sunday

After church today we went to a local playground for a picnic. Totally stellar time! Shade over the table, nice breeze blowing. The Boyo ate all his food. But then he had a playground maddeningly close and could not go play until he finished his lunch.

Soon enough he was off like a rocket, playing all over the castle thingy, sliding, chasing other kids, generally being a kid. There were about a dozen other kids there, all roughly his age. I noticed a difference between them and him today.

He is exceedingly friendly and unbelievably kind!

Every child he met he would say hello to. He would ask their name and tell them his. He would encourage them to try new things.

There was a bridge spanning two areas that was made with a bouncy, rubber type floor. After he bounced his way across, he turned to the next kid and said,

"Come on, boy! You can do it!"

And as the child made it to the half way point, he said,

"You're doing great! I'm so proud of you!"

And when the little boy finished,

"Good job, boy! You did it!"

He is incredibly outgoing. Other kids just kind of look at him silently, or ignored him completely, absorbed in their own play. Once while he was in line with some others at the top of the curly-q slide I heard him ask another little boy if he wanted to be friends. The other boy said sure, and the two of them came zipping down the slide, laughing and giggling.

Later this evening, we pulled out the play doh and 'made fish'. The Boyo would roll out the doh, cut the shape, then hand it to me and command me to 'put a face on it'.

Here are the results

Don't be scared to be different and swim against the flow. I don't think the Boyo will have any problems with that!

Tonight The Wife and I watched a tape of the Olympic opening ceremonies. They were quite impressive! I'm looking forward to seeing China in person in a couple of years. The ceremonies were followed by the traditional parade of athletes. Almost made me want to start training for something - anything - so I could count myself in their numbers some day. Almost. If they had an Olympic event for a random job pentathlon I could probably medal. I've had so many jobs in so many areas it borders on the silly. At one time in my life I was going to try and be an Olympic paddler, but I didn't have the money for the gear. Ah well, I'll chase other dreams!

Sweet Pea is a bit fussy tonight, and The Wife works in the morning. Life with two is definitely a bit more challenging, but so very worth it when the Sweets smiles at me.

Today I'm thankful for my parents, who thoughtfully taped the opening ceremonies and brought them up. And for bringing me into this world in the first place. As a parent, I am learning every day just how much my little ones learn from me. And it's not what I try and teach them, it's my actions and emotions that guide them the most.

My parents gave to me a sense of compassion for the world around me, and a zen like mental attitude whereby much of life's scrudge rolls off me like water off a duck's back. For that I am thankful.

More Later

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Anonymous said...

Your kid is the coolest little guy I (almost) know.

His manners and friendliness and take on the world speak VOLUMES about you and the wife.

Well done.