Friday, August 29, 2008


What a day it has been.

Much activity on the home front, lots of playing with the kiddos.

I had the windshield replaced on our primary vehicle today, it had a crack in it as long as my arm. The guy who came to fix it was talking with The Boyo, who told him he would be President one day. That got us talking about politics a little. I said that I was a McCain fan until he started toeing that Grand Old Party line and falling lockstep with King George the 2nd pertaining to Iraq and the economy and such. The guy doing the glass said that he was a staunch Republican. I gulped a little expecting a tirade. But he said he couldn't go with McCain if it would be another four years like the last eight. He said he could not afford it, literally.

I wonder how many disillusioned Republicans like him there are out there?

I also heard about McCains VP choice today. Clever and amazing and unfortunate. Clever as this will definitely draw some disgruntled Hillerites who wanted a woman in leadership above all else. Amazing as now, no matter who wins, this will be an historic moment for our country. Unfortunate as it seems to me that in choosing Palin, McCain has sort of shot himself in the foot for arguments of Obama's lack of experience on the National scene. Are we to believe that Obama, who has had a meteoric rise to where he is, is not ready to lead, but Palin, also quite the meteor, is ready should something happen to McCain? (72... the guy is 72. That's no spring chicken for four years.) I think he may have lost some credibility on that front.

As the dad of a daughter I do believe that Hillary opened up some seriously big doors. And if McCain gets elected, then this Sarah Palin will open up that many more. And I like the idea that either of my kids could grow up and have Presidential aspirations.

I'll still most likely vote Obama though, and here's why. It really comes down to who I belive is up to the task at hand. The country is a mess. Our foreign policy is a mess. The next POTUS is going to have his hands full of George's Poo Policies. I think McCain could do some good, but I think Obama could do more.

Having been a Marine, I know that good leaders are not always those with the most years in. I've seen twenty - thirty year sergeant majors with cranial-rectum disease, and fresh out of OCS boot 2nd louies who were awesome leaders right from the chute. Experience helps, but is not the only thing. Leadership is the ability to lead others where you would have them follow. I see great leadership traits in both candidates. But Obama has something McCain does not. The ability to get people on every level to come together behind a common cause. McCain can certainly get some cross the aisle agreement. But I have not seen the inspiration in those that follow him at a grassroots level. I have yet to be inspired by his speeches or debates. And I expected him to stick more to the mouthy maverick he once was. That was leadership. Now he seems to be falling in line so he can shoot for 1600 Penn Ave. It is disappointing.

I will watch the RNC closely, as I did the DNC. Because I do believe McCain will be far superior to our current leader (and I use that label fast and loose with 43) I want to hear what he has to say. I want to be inspired and motivated by the speeches. I want to feel, most importantly of all, that if he does win, this country will still be OK and put close to the right track. (I like his environmental stance after all. Sounds like no matter who is in, they both take that more seriously than Not-At-All-Curious George.)

Obama had some great ideas in his speech. And if he can go through the budget line by line (ala the movie "Dave") and find the money to pay for those ideas, it would be great.

I'm ready and willing to listen to McCain. But he'd better be amazing.

As for the fair weather clintonites who have been getting so much press lately... they are doing Hillary a disservice by being all bitter and disgruntled and saying they'll vote McCain or not at all. It's exactly this close minded, bass-ackward thinking that makes people roll their eyes and think 'Grow Up already'. If they want to boycott something, I suggest breathing. It makes just as much sense as voting against the very principles of "your" candidate. Besides, I don't think we've heard the last of Hill.

Anyway, that's my piece.

Tomorrow we're meeting the folks for a good old fashioned tomato tasting. It should be a good time!

More Later

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