Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ordinary Day

Sweet Pea does not like her carseat.

Not just, fuss a little when she's been in it for a time. But all out screaming and arching of the back as she's set into it. I've checked it many times now for needles, razor blades, broken glass and the like, but can't find any. She, of course, acts like all of those things and more have just come in contact with her posterior, and then we have the audacity to strap her in to this torture device.

Guess long road trips are out for a while.

Tonight though, the wife had her laughing! From the belly, chortling and giggling. It was awesome! Got some on tape for posterity too.

Otherwise, a lazy, rainy day at home.

Last night, just after midnight, I took the camera and a flashlight out for some fun. Here's a few shots from that...

I also wrote a love note to The Wife, but that one's just for her!

More Later

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