Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ain't that a Kick in the Pants

Hello all.

Well, I'm nearly certain that by now you are tired of hearing about my quest to be 'read' on all seven continents. (I added South America, by the way) So... this will be the last of these vanity postings. I promise. I just get such a kick out of thinking that someone thousands of miles away is reading this. I blame the entire ego trip entirely on my friend Jen.

If she had not shown me how to hook up the ShinyStat thingy, I would not have spent so many minutes obsessing about spreading my words around the globe like the bird flu.

But I will add this aside on my friend Jen. She is one of the most creative wordsmiths I know.

Story deleted due to unwarranted HIPPA concerns. Can I still say this...?

Once we had a patient who was bleeding and Jen made the comment,

"I always like to look at the bright side of the call. In this case the bright red, spurty arterial blood kind!"

Medic humor... gotta love it.

So I will leave the little map thingy up there on the left, and the 'Country Count' list. Just to have a record of where people have read from. And I will send a hearty thank you to those who read. Be it once, or all. I do appreciate it.

Now, I'll head out into the wide open spaces of my brain, lasso me a big Ego, and bring it back to the corral to be tamed a bit once more. It's been running free and amok for too long now.

Yippee ki-yoh, ki-yay!

More Later


jen said...

You know, I might actually start a blog called My Friend Jen.

Nice ring to it.

And hey mister...don't be blaming me for----

Yeah, nevermind. It is kinda my fault.

jen said...