Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thanks My Friend Jen

After a thoroughly resounding scolding from My Friend Jen via alternative modes of communication, I've taken the word verification thingy off of the 'leave a comment' part of the blog.

I completely agree with her that unless your blog is being read by thousands of people, it is a useless tool and a burden, small though it may be, to people who do want to leave a comment.

I even scoffed for a few days at other blogs and such where I had to enter the mystical letters. Who are these people who think they are so important? I wondered.

Of course, being me, it took a few days for me to realize that perhaps my blog was forcing that hoop upon others. And after some poking around in the settings, I found I was correct.

So - Merry Christmas! No more Word Verification to leave a comment here!


steph said...

Actually, the word verification is just to avoid "spam comments" - apparently there are some systems that autosend spam comments, which is where word verification comes in. It ensures that the comment is being left by a person, rather than the cyberspace version of an auto-dial telemarketing recording. It's unlikely that such auto-spam has much to do with the number of people reading your blog, anymore than email spam has to do with how many people have your email address, except in how long it may take for them to "find" you. Once they do, all bets are off. Since your blog requires administrator approval before posting your comments, you don't really need both blocks in place. I personally prefer to leave the verification tag on there, and allow comments to post immediately. I know several people who make the same choice, and I don't think there is anything wrong with that. Of course, requiring word verification along with administrator approval before posting is overkill.

Sharon said...

Rats! Part of the fun was trying to guess what those letters were... for example: the one that looks like a q but has a dot above the line part. Never could figure that one out.
Don't worry... I'll find something else to keep me amused!

shaffersouth said...

Hmm, I think I'm keeping mine on for now. I like the safety feature against spammers and I still get a fair # of comments. But it's food for thought!

jen said...

Um, I sincerely hope your people don't think I'm a big b**** now. I mean, I'm big, but I'm hardly ever mean. Right?

Anyway...that post I wrote wasn't scolding YOU dear, John. Geez, way to take everything personally. ;-)

I was just having a day and another blog I read takes a LOT more trouble to read and commenting isn't even an option. That girl needs a diary. Not a public website.