Thursday, July 17, 2008

Picture of the Day

It occurs to me that the act of writing every day has become somewhat enjoyable. I like sifting through my little brain on my down time to see what comes filtering through onto the page. I can look back at these posts and see that truly, I am quite verbose. Sometimes that's not such a good thing. But I am having fun! As an aspiring writer this has been a good habit to form.

It also occurs to me that being an aspiring photographer, I could very easily do something similar along the lines of pictures. I'm giving some serious thought to starting another blog for the sole purpose of posting a picture a day, with the goal of TAKING at least one picture a day... or at least one picture that I feel comfortable posting per day.

I would, naturally, post them here as well in the side bar. But I'm not sure how to keep them organized and such like these posts are. So another photo blog seems like the right idea.

Now. Here's a challenge. I know of at least two or three of you who are also really good photographers. So I'm laying out the challenge to everyone who reads this to join me in my quest to take a picture a day. Post a comment here to accept and if you don't already have it, I'll get an e-mail address set up to send your picture to, and I'll post them in the blog! Sound like fun?

The Rules
1. I get to judge what appropriate content is and post accordingly
2. Before I post pictures of people, I need to have a signed waiver saying it's OK and legal to use their image. (I'll whip up a waiver form and make a link to it over on the side. Then have them sign it, and take a picture of it or scan it in and send it along with the photo.) (if it is a person under 18 years of age, you need to get their parent's permission)
3. Judging will be done in three categories...

A) Number of days a picture is sent in.
B) Votes for 'Best Picture' by the public.
C) A mystery 'guest judge' who will have a 50% vote on the final winning picture.

4. No photoshopping. Just take the picture and send it if you like it.

5. Be honest. Don't go digging through all of your old pictures to find the best ones. The idea behind this challenge is to get out and take more pictures.

The Challenge will start officially on August 1, 2008 and will end promptly at midnight on July 31, 2009 (or thereabouts)

Prizes are as follows...

1. The satisfaction of sending in many good pictures.
2. The joy of taking pictures every day or two or three.
3. The knowledge that your picture won.
4. People everywhere thinking to themselves 'Man, I wish I took pictures that good!'

So. I've set up the blog called John's Picture a Day Challenge. It can be found at

Any Takers?

More Later

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