Friday, July 18, 2008


Took a great many pictures today, getting ready for the great 'Picture a Day Challenge'. My mom joined the challenge. I'm hoping my Dad does too, he takes some great shots. Also, I know my cousins can shoot. And you siblings and siblings in law. Remember, you don't have to take a shot EVERY day. Just whenever.

I'm also thinking it might be fun to have a 'theme week' each month, or a picture challenge like taking a picture of a flower in January or a snowball in July.

Anyway. I've got a file on my computer of 'favorite pictures' that I also use as a screen saver. I got to feed the Pea a little tonight, and was staring at her when the screen saver came on. It made me want to take even more pictures as I brought up memories with each picture that appeared. I want to remember holding my little girl when she's barely as long as my arm. I want to remember the Boyo playing so sweetly with his bubble wand. I want to remember even the little stuff, like the way The Wife hums to Sweet Pea while changing a nappy.

Ah yes... Life is pretty good.

More Later

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Sharon said...

Nice thistle! Even nicer... the memories you will capture with your camera.:)