Monday, July 21, 2008


A rare thing in my world. Well. Maybe not rare, but at least very sporadic and unpredictable.

As a night shift medic, I tend to sleep the day after a shift. But as a Daddy and Husband, I try to maintain a 'normal' schedule so that I can actually spend time with my family. The flip flopping from night sleeping to day sleeping is not easy on the body.

Not to mention the fact that shifts are not regular. ie: I don't work like on a Monday and Tuesday nights. No, my schedule looks like it has been created by the dartboard method. Not to say that our scheduler does a bad job, because for what she has to work with, she's awesome! I just don't understand why the EMS profession (and the medical profession in general) feels the need to keep their workers on their toes with random schedules.

You would think just having the tones go off and not really knowing what you're walking into would keep us nimble.

So, I sleep at random times. I eat at random times. I slept most of the day today, and have to go to bed now to get turned back into Family Man.

To add insult to injury, I keep looking at articles written about how to better structure your life so you can do things and sleep too. But they seem to be geared to the 9-5 jobbers. My apologies in advance to all of you regular shift folks, but if you really can't figure out that with a 9-5 job a regular bedtime of, say, 10:30 is needed so you don't feel like you're dragging all day... well, you're already dumber than a fencepost and chances are good those articles won't help you anyway.

I'm waiting for someone far smarter than I to come up with a solution to random shifts/day night flip flops. At least a better solution than 'quit and get a 9-5 job'. (10:30, I'd be in bed every night)

Uff Da

I'll try to be more entertaining tomorrow. Right now I'm going to go crash and hope to high heaven the Boyo doesn't wake up early and try to awaken me with

More Later

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