Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Rider

My little lawn tractor was delivered this morning at ten. The whole family was excited. The Boyo and I circled it like sharks, inspecting every bell and whistle. The Wife stood nearby holding Sweet Pea, who was so excited that she pooped magnificently.

I fueled it up and climbed aboard while the rest of the fam headed inside for cover. I was intending to make a few circuits of the yard and (contrary to the 'published rules and warnings') take the Boyo for a quick spin.

Lawn tractors seem like they would be easy to run. After a bit, they are. But initially I was a little thrown by the 'release brake to move' idea, and my starts and stops would most likely have launched the Boyo across the yard. Thus proving the stick figure warnings correct. And I couldn't have that.

So I dropped the mowing deck, put the blades in gear, and MOWED THE LAWN!

It went so very quickly and most remarkably of all, when it was over I could still breathe! I could still SEE! No parts of my body were itchy or blotchy. How have I lived this long without one of these?!?

After front and back yard were mowed in record time, I raised the deck, disengaged the blades and took the Boyo for a spin around the yard, then up the street and back.

He LOVES the tractor. More bribery bait in my quest to bring up a decent human being.

More Later

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Sharon said...

Congratulations on your new toy! My "picture of the day" today was one of your dad on his "tractor" Like Father... like Son! I am so glad you have it as I know you will feel much better... and I also know you will love mowing!